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When i'm good i'm good

but when i'm bad i'm better....

2 February 1982
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I am an awsome 30 year old chick from Sterling Heights, Michigan! I like to work, shop, read, go to movies, listen to music, and play phone tag with my best friend Scott. I have an awsome husband named J that I try to spend all my time with!! I love you J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You Say I'm A Dreamer, But I'm Not The Only One

november 6, 2004 is love

Jay & Laurie are Cranky/Won't See You Till Tuesday!/I'm Sorry BABE!/Meant To Be Love

My Best Friends are Inside Joke & Forever Love

The Beatles are Love

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Mommie Dearest is Understand.../NO WIRE HANGERS!/She Told Me We Were Broke/Don't Fuck With Me Fellas! Love

Beverly Hills Teens is Come Live Your Fantasies For Real! Love

Neens is LAURIE!/Crafts/That's Par For The Course/I'm Not Impressed Love

Old Hollywood is Classic Love

Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead is Guard It With Your Life!/Quit Your Job, Get Out While You Can!/Uh-huh Love

A Very Brady Sequel is Well, Great/And Greg's A Really Great Driver!/What Do You Mean Take It Off? Love

The Deftones are Chino Marino 143 Love

Bums are Poor & Unfortunate Love

Old-School Strawberry Shortcake is Berry Love

Nancy Drew is Mystery-Solving Love

Movie Mania is M-Squared/Nazi Germany/Seizure-Inducing Love

Boom-Boom is Love

Shirley Temple is Goodnight My Radio Audience.../The Clock is Ticking The Hours Away/Aunt Miranda, Gwen! Love

Mae West is When I'm Good, I'm Very Good, But When I'm Bad, I'm Better Love

Carnival of Souls is Creepy Love

Jazze Pha is Hey CiCi! Love

Barbie & The Sensations are Read It Out Loud!/I'll Say, What Is It?/With Pleasure Love

Mary Roberts is R-O-B-B-I-N-S/You Want My Man Bitch/Richard Peeper Lovin' Love

Bum #2's Bike is Run For Your Life/Brake Lines/Corky Love

Pharrell is N.E.R.D./I'm-a Sneak Thru Yo Window/Trucker Hat Love

Fear is Dad, David's Got The Code/FUCK!/Nobody's Sterving!/Pleeeeeeease Dad? Love

Eye For An Eye is Pull The Fuckin' Trigger/Talk About Dead-Beat Dads/Alright!/Thank God!/It Ain't Concrete Love

Big Ben is Love

Calamity Jane is Come To Think Of It, That Ain't So Funny Love